Die Lifter


Die Lifter

TDL-5-460 ダイリフター部

TDL-5-460 Die Lifter Part

  • Die Lifter glides in the cam surface and lifts die and can move it smoothly.

  • You can choose the length of 4 kinds.

  • Simple setting! The installation is only inserted in T or U slot of Bolster.

  • When you remove Die Lifter from T slot of Bolster, You can use T slot for die set.

Die Lifter

Die Lifter advances on taper side by raising Pre Roller, and 1.5mm rise, Die will be removable.

Die Lifter

Die Lifter retreats on taper side by reducing Pre Roller, and there is die on Bolster.

Pre Roller

  • Pre Roller possesses mechanism to let you do UP/DOWN of Die Lifter and helps up of the work efficiency.

  • Space-saving! As for the size when you folded Pre Roller, as for 124mm in height, 125mm in width.

  • Efficiency of the work does not disturb you with big Bolster.

Pre Roller

Product specification  <TDL-5 series>




Figure of T/U slot dimensions

This fits use to T slot, both U slots.

Die-lifter part
model a b c*1 d
TDL-5-460 494mm 460mm 41.5mm 27mm
TDL-5-520 554mm 520mm 41.5mm 27mm
TDL-5-600 634mm 600mm 41.5mm 27mm
TDL-5-680 714mm 680mm 41.5mm 27mm
Pre-roller part
model e f g h i
TDL-5-460 620mm 500mm 795mm 124mm 125mm
TDL-5-520 620mm 500mm 795mm 124mm 125mm
TDL-5-600 620mm 500mm 795mm 124mm 125mm
TDL-5-680 620mm 500mm 795mm 124mm 125mm

※1 Dimention when down.44.5mm when lifted.

Lifting capacity 500kg
Lifting height 1.5mm
Drawer movement 500mm
Lifting force needed 8kg