Path Indicator


product summary


In the event of a disaster,the system provides evacuation guidance by having LED light embedded in handrails stream toward an emergency exit.  

Nomal time:
The system acts as an all-night light or lighting fixture.

Induction of smoke generation     

Induction in case of disaster


  • It is possible to guide notify the emergency exit even in a building where the location of the emergency exit is difficult to understand.  
  • If temperature or smoke sensers connected to the guidance unit detect an abnomality, the system automatically changes the guidance route to avoid the dangerous site. 
  • Because it guides with light, people with disabilities can also guide evacuation.

Construction photo Nishikasai・Inoue Ophthalmic Hospital

施工写真 西葛西・井上眼科病院様
施工写真 西葛西・井上眼科病院様